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company movement artist

Nicole Diaz-Pellot is a dance artist and passionate dance educator who believes in the power of movement as a holistic and inclusive practice. A San Diego native, she started dancing at the age of five at War Memorial, later joining the San Diego Civic Dance Company where she danced for six years. 

Her commitment to the art form led Nicole to pursue a BFA in Dance from University of the Arts. She was part of the Group Motion Dance Company for four years, under the mentorship of the late Manfred Fischbeck. 

Nicole's dedication to continuous growth and understanding diverse movement techniques led her to become a part of the Katherine Dunham Technique Certification community since 2014. 

For over a decade, Nicole Diaz-Pellot has been nurturing dance as a holistic experience, seeing it as a universal language that unites individuals from all walks of life. Her classes, including Creative Dance, Afro-Modern, and Dance withThisAbility, create inclusive spaces where students explore dance as a form of self expression and a unifying practice. 

Nicole's mission is to break barriers through dance, fostering an environment where people of all backgrounds and abilities can discover the transformative power of movement and find unity in the shared experience of dance.

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