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Artist Contract 2023

Employment Status and Compensation

All artists are considered volunteers for Wingbeat Movement Arts. This is an unpaid position until the artist is offered a paid contract as an employee. As a volunteer, artists are highly encouraged to attend as many company classes as possible. Company classes occur on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 8:00am-11:00am at Center Stage School of Dance. As this position is voluntary, dancers have an unlimited number of excused absences. However, it is greatly appreciated if absences are communicated in advance. 

Non-Compete Agreement

While it is expected that Wingbeat artists may have other jobs and gigs in the performing arts, the artist may not use any choreography, video, or photos created during Wingbeat rehearsals, classes, or events in their work outside of Wingbeat Movement Arts with the exception of headshots taken with Wingbeat. All creative material generated during Wingbeat activities, including but not limited to movement, choreography, training, curriculum, costumes, lighting, rig design, apparatus design, photos/videos (including media taken with ARTIST device), etcetera, are property of Wingbeat and may not be used for any purpose outside of Wingbeat Movement Arts. 

Sharing on Social Media

Artist agrees to prominently tag @wingbeatmovementarts in the text and on the photo/video for all posts related to Wingbeat activities. Artist agrees to tag the choreographer and photographer (in the case of a professional photographer). Where tag is not possible, Artist agrees to credit full name of the company, choreographer, and photographer prominently in the text.


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