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Wingbeat is a multidisciplinary dance company with exquisite artists from a variety of backgrounds and values firmly rooted in collective liberation.  Wingbeat provides performances and community education in aerial dance, modern dance, improvisation, and more!


Our intent is to inspire wonder and curiosity in our community, so that imaginations take flight and expand our collective understanding of what we are capable of in our bodies, communities, and environments


Our mission is to provide venues for our community to explore the creative process and experience the magic of modern dance, aerial dance, improvisational dance, and embodied movement studies, through performances and community education. 


  • Art makes life worth living even in the hardest times. All people regardless of socioeconomic status should have access to art, as audience and as creators.

  • Dance is an essential part of the cultural landscape and, as one of the oldest art forms, an essential part of what it means to be human.

  • Bodies hold stories, memories, and ancestral knowledge. Movement arts are a culturally necessary medium for sharing the stories and wisdom held in our bodies

  • Artwork is valuable work, artists deserve a living wage

  • Stories, ideas, and experiences shared by marginalized people are essential to cultivating an equitable society

  • Improvisation is an artform in and of itself. It also makes space for the dancers to showcase their own artistry beyond the choreography of directors.

  • All bodies are beautiful. We honor the diversity of forms, expressions, and abilities.

  • Humans are a natural part of the Earth’s ecosystem and we all have a responsibility to work toward a future  where we live in harmony with one another and the planet. This will only be possible through a combination of collective liberation and connection with the land.

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